October 3, 2018

We cannot stand by and allow circumstances to dictate our successes and failures. If we let circumstances impact what we do each day, failure is assured and success could become but a distant memory.

Right now, I’m taking care of my wife because she’s incapable of taking care of herself.  I prepare the meals for us and assist with many of her personal needs each day.  I’m also responsible for other chores, like cleaning and laundry.  I readily admit that, being a guy, I’m lousy at many of the jobs that, heretofore, were performed by my wife.  Given time, I will be proficient at such tasks, but not to the level my wife was.

On the surface, it sounds like I’m pretty busy.  And the truth is, I am.  However, I’m not busy every minute of every day. There are times when Sandy can see to her own needs, which do not necessarily involve me.  It’s during those times the opportunity to be productive presents itself.  Since my working outside the home is severely limited, my productivity in the home must, necessarily, be pursued tenaciously.

It would be so easy to spend all my waking time with Sandy.  But, that would mean household income would suffer greatly. Additionally, it’s not healthy for either of us.  Many of the tasks and exercises (both mental and physical) she is assigned by the various therapists she sees each week do not involve me.  Some do, most do not.  So, during the times she is involved with her own work, I could be doing something productive.  The ideal would be income-generating tasks.  And they would have to be in-house, as I cannot work outside the home unless someone was here to look after her.

There is no money to pay for a professional “baby sitter,” as Sandy puts it.  Our two daughters can assist at times, but one is very pregnant (due mid-November) and the other has three daughters of her own with which to contend.  They are both very busy with their own lives and families.

At this point in my career, I’m unsure exactly how to “get back in the saddle again.”  I have three websites which I have placed “under construction” until I get a handle on how, exactly, to bring them back to life and online, and I am still in the early stages of my training regimen. Since I’m learning the online marketing trade, I feel like I need to start the training anew.

As I mentioned, I do have snippets of time each day with which to be productive, but exactly how that time should be utilized eludes me.  Hence my ramblings here.  I once said in one of my posts that when you don’t know what to write, you sit down and write without concern about what is written.  Not being concerned with the outcome of your writing is quite freeing, but we have to write before we can be not concerned with the outcome.  That’s how this post started.

Our successes will come in due course, as long as we are consistent and persistent.  Failures will also come our way, and there is no way to prevent that.  It’s part of the process.  HOWEVER, if we allow circumstances to dictate our activities, we seal our own fate.  And, as the saying goes (with apologies to Sheldon of The Big Bang Theory), “Fate, though art a heartless bitch!”  I, for one, am not willing to leave my family’s future up to Fate!!!

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