November 24, 2018

At this time,
we must make accommodations for my wife’s nightly bodily needs. Since
she has limited mobility, she must use a wheelchair or a walker when
wheelchair access is not practical or possible.

makes it difficult to be autonomous, so we have a set procedure in
place to ensure she is able to use the facilities, as it were,
efficiently and safely at night. So, since we keep our bedroom dark,
the facilities, i.e., the commode, is placed right beside our bed. That
way, using her walker, she can get out of bed, pivot, and sit down onto
the commode. Simple and efficient.

theory, it seemed like a foolproof scheme. However, last night
revealed just how the best laid plans of mice and men (or, in this case,
women) go awry.

first hint of a problem was when Sandy called out that her ankles were
being splashed. This woke me up from a dead sleep and I instantly heard
the stream. It took me a moment, but I did note that it didn’t sound
quite right. Apparently it wasn’t reaching the bucket but instead it
was falling all the way to the floor! The only way that it could happen
is if the bucket wasn’t installed correctly or not at all!

I was getting out of bed, Sandy started laughing, as it was apparently
quite humorous to her. Not to me. I quickly discovered that, although
the commode was placed properly, the bucket was not. It was not there!!

really don’t understand how that could have happened, but it did. I
remember placing the funnel (used in the bathroom on the toilet) back on
the commode instead of the bucket. So, I now have one more item on my
nightly agenda to perform: ensure that the commode is properly
configured before turning off the lights and going to bed!

reflection, Sandy was quite right. It was rather funny and even
funnier (to her) when I had to spend the next half-hour to clean the
floor. And, to be honest, we both shared in the humor before going back
to sleep. And walking up two hours late the next morning!!

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