Living is Learning

Last Update: October 24, 2018

One thing I’m learning about life is there is something to learn each and every day. Many of you know that my life has changed dramatically since my wife’s strokes in early August. For the first five weeks after the strokes, my life consisted of being at the hospital (first), then at the rehabilitation hospital. If I wasn’t sleeping, working, or eating, I was in a medical environment encouraging my wife and learning as much as I could in preparation of her being discharged into my care.

That was seven weeks ago. Although I learned enough to be half-way confident (but in no way competent), no amount of reading or study can adequately prepare for you for the real-life situation you find yourself in. If I didn’t fully understand the monumental task ahead of me, it was a rude awakening when, at last, my beloved came home. Please don’t misunderstand. That was not a complaint. I always knew that this was, at least, a possibility during our life together. And, after 38 years, it came to pass. And it falls to me to care for her.

Now, I am busier now than I ever have been. But I’m also learning more in the seven weeks since Sandy’s homecoming than I ever thought possible. It’s beginning to dawn on me how, exactly, one cares for another 24 / 7. I’m also learning things about my wife that never occurred to me in all the time we’ve been married. Now, that is a shock!!

I’m a guy and, as a guy, I tend to take things for granted. I always thought that our gals knew, intuitively, how to care for our children and our families, but I now know that is not the case. They learn how to do it and become so skilled that it seems (to our untrained eye) second nature to them. I have two daughters and four (soon to be five) children between them. They are learning how to care for their families as I am learning to care for my wife. I can tell you that I will no longer take what they do for granted. I can’t afford to. I’m too busy learning it myself!

The blood, sweat, and tears that we experience when tackling a difficult task, whether it is caring for another or building a business or just being active in your chosen activities, is something that we all must accept. With acceptance, the learning (and progressing) will be that much easier. And, as our competence grows, our confidence grows. At some point, when our confidence reaches a certain point, we realize that there is no limit on what we can do. Wait, there is a limit: The Sky. The Sky’s the Limit!!


I hope this short post will be useful to you, and all my best to you!!

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