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Hi,there! My name is Mitch and I live in the Pacific Northwest (USA), near Seattle, Washington. I’m an Enrolled Agent and I’ve worked in the tax industry for over sixteen years for various firms, but most of my time has been spent with H&R Block. You could say I cut my teeth in taxes with the help of Block.

Don’t Mess With the IRS

I am an Enrolled Agent, which means I am capable of preparing all kinds of tax returns, from individual to corporate, estates and trusts, gift tax returns, among others. Not only am I capable, I have prepared these types of complex returns since 2012! I’m also authorized to practice before the Internal Revenue Service with no restrictions. This means I am able to represent all manner of taxpayers should they be audited. Clients are not left to fend for themselves when faced with an audit. I contact the IRS directly, via mail or telephone and, when necessary, I am sitting in an IRS office as a taxpayer advocate.

Those that can, do. Those that can’t, teach. Some of us do both!

In addition to the thousands of clients I’ve assisted over the years, I expect to find myself back in the classroom this fall teaching tax theory to those who wish to learn it. Many merely want to understand how to prepare their own taxes. Others want to prepare taxes as part of the H&R Block team. I’ve been teaching for several years now and I look forward to lending my expertise to the next generation of tax preparers.

Why Talk about Taxes on an About Me Page?

Which brings me now to the purpose of this blog. The primary duty of a tax preparer is to file tax returns for clients. It is hoped that tax preparers have the requisite knowledge and experience to file accurate returns. Filing accurate returns is the best way to keep clients under the Internal Revenue Service’s radar. Of course, there is no guarantee that a client will not be audited but we, as preparers, are tasked to do all we can to prevent that, which means filing an accurate return. If, in the unlikely event, our clients are audited, we are to assist them in any way possible.

I talk about this on a blog about strokes because it is my intent to show my reading audience that it is important to understand that life is not made up of a single plane of existence.  We who are caregivers or family members of stroke victims and stroke survivors need to have interests that take them away from the job caring for others.  If only for a few hours.  It is necessary for our well-being and serves to foster optimum care to those who need it.

I hope you find this personal information useful, and thank you for visiting! I sincerely hope you find something on this site you can use and I hope you return

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